Goat Milk Lotion


Goat milk Cream

We proudly source our goatmilk from a local farm in Grand Rapids, MI.  So, if seasonal allergies is a thing and you live in the MI area, this lotion will make seasonal allergies better.   Of importance, at ORS, we keep a small supply of these lotions ensuring all formulations are sold within 30 days.  Allowing for the tailoring options we offer customers, we often make these to order.   Goatmilk is renowned in Organic Skincare for all the right reasons!  We name four among many benefits….

  1. It contains skin nourishing lactic acid, vitamins A & D, minerals, enzymes proteins and fatty acids that work together to down modulate hyperpigmentation.
  2. It is soothing, hydrating, moisturizing and with high probiotics content is also stabilizes skin and gut flora.
  3. Is is an excellent exfoliant and repairer of damaged skin barrier.
  4. Great allergy profile.
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size (ounces)

4, 8, 16

essential oil options

Unscented, Goat milk + Honey EO blend, Citrus Basil, Honeysuckle, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Perfect man EO blend, Sandalwood, Cedar wood + Balsamic Fir


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